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No matter how great your website’s on-page experience, even a slight delay in the page load time or a navigational error can result in an increased bounce rate.

Save yourself from the hassle by hiring the best technical SEO services offered at Over2Digital. We can take care of your entire functionality to help uplift your site’s performance with strong digital foundations.

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What Is Technical SEO & What Makes It Significant For Business Growth?

Technical SEO could be referred to as a process of making sure that your website truly collaborates with the recent SEO guidelines. The SEO guidelines and algorithms tend to change over time.

The core purpose of search engines is to provide users with the most accurate results against their search queries. And the user trends and demands tend to shift majorly over time.

An estimated 3.5 billion people are using mobile phones when searching for a product or service, which calls for an SEO algorithm that supports mobile-friendly searches and experiences.

Consequently, the SEO guidelines and algorithms tend to update over time in alignment with the users’ demands and trends. So, if you want your website to perform well – you must adapt to the technical SEO guides and updates.

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The more your website structure and functioning align with the latest SEO algorithms, the better you’d be able to perform and drive potential traffic to your website.

From your web pages’ load time and speed to the navigation and redirects – everything matters when it comes to getting your site ranked on top of the search engines.

And considering that the top results receive the major chunk of clicks equalling up to 35%, you cannot really afford a declining rank for your business website.

Over2Digital is a top technical SEO company offering the most exquisite services of all. We have the finest industry professionals onboarded in the team who know exactly how to work upon your website’s structure and functionality the best way.

They can help smoothen your load times and speed, streamline your navigations and ensure none of your redirects cause an error. The stronger your digital foundation is, the better you’ll rank and drive great traffic.

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Technical SEO Company – Helping Build The Finest Search Experience

The primary reason SEO algorithms tend to change is to provide the best user experience. Because the user trends and demands are continuously evolving, SEO algorithms also change and update with time.

If you want to stick to the primary goal as a brand – the very idea of providing the best user experience – you must understand the technical SEO checklist from the inside out and know the impact they have on your website’s overall performance.

There are multiple aspects of technical SEO such as site speed, robots exclusion standard (robots.txt), accelerated mobile pages (AMP), content quality, and XML site status. These aspects are critically crucial to your site’s online performance.

A 10-seconds loading speed of web pages can increase the bounce rate by 123%, while a one-second delay in mobile page loading can drop up to 20% of conversions.

You don’t want that, right? So, don’t wait until your technical SEO becomes worse and take your site’s performance into a downhole situation. Hire the best technical SEO services we hire at Over2Digital and prevent that from happening.

We’re one of the leading technical SEO companies. Our experts conduct thorough technical SEO audits, identify the gaps and opportunities, and work upon them using the best technical SEO audit tools to ensure your site sits on the top ranks.

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Google Reviews

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Google Reviews

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Ready To Outgrow Your Competitors With Strong Technical Foundations?

Join hands with the finest technical SEO specialists from Over2Digital and outgrow your competitors with the strongest technical foundations!

What Are Core Web Vitals? And What Makes Them Beneficial For Business Growth?

Core web vitals are basically a combination of three technical SEO factors that Google has termed as most important to determine the website’s ranking and performance.

These are based upon three categories which include:

  • First Input Display (FID) – the overall interactivity of your site
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) -the loading performance of your site
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) – the overall visual stability of your site

Considering the fact that Google has listed these as core web vitals, the technical SEO experts at Over2Digital take special care of the above-listed categories.

From conducting thorough technical SEO audits and identifying issues with the core web vitals of your site to implementing the latest strategies to get those issues resolved, we do everything to ensure your site is fully compliant with the latest SEO standards.

Since all these core web vitals are primarily focused on enhancing the user experience, they contribute to increasing traffic on your site and reducing the bounce rate.

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Why Is Technical SEO Crucial For Local Businesses?

Whether you run a business locally or on international levels, your core objective must be drawing good revenue. And if you really wish to draw great revenue in this era, a strong digital presence is a must.

Technical SEO can help strengthen your digital presence in many ways. From optimizing your page speed and navigation to upgrading the sitemaps, and so on – it can really work on the factors that matter in improving your SEO ranking.

The higher you’d rank against your targeted keywords, the bigger traffic you’ll drive – eventually leading towards increased lead generation and conversions.

Why Choose Over2Digital’s Technical SEO Services?

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Comprehensive Website Audits

It takes several different variables to work in rightful collaboration to finally uplift your website’s performance. We offer comprehensive website audits that involve going deep into each of these variables.

From technical SEO and paid campaigns to your backlink profiles and competitors’ tactics – we look at everything to understand your current standing.

experienced industry professionals

Experienced Industry Professionals

As a leading technical SEO company, we have all the top industry professionals hired in our team. Each of them comes with years of dignified experience.

They are all Google certified SEO professionals and have helped hundreds of brands strengthen the technical foundations of their websites.

360 degree technical seo solutions

360-Degree Technical SEO Solutions

At Over2Digital, we closely understand how crucial technical SEO is for almost every business. It can really help make your mark in the digital world.

Consequently, we offer 360-degree technical SEO services that can serve almost every business ranging from franchises, Amazon and Shopify stores to local businesses and even international SMEs.

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Continuous Reporting

Since you’re investing a budget for acquiring the best technical SEO services, you just want to track down the progress and be a part of every move.

We truly understand your urge to be in the loop of every step of your technical SEO’s progress. So, we provide our clients with technical SEO audit reports and other important insights on a weekly/monthly basis.

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Result-Oriented Strategies

As a top technical SEO company, we ensure to understand your desired outcomes much closely. They help us strategize actionable technical SEO campaigns that are fully result-driven.

Our team of technical SEO consultants works in perfect collaboration with your desired goals and objectives to ensure delivering results that serve your purpose in the first place.

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Affordable Pricing

Coming from a similar background, we understand how challenging it is to afford high-cost services when you’re in the build-up phase of your business.

Consequently, we offer each client the most affordable technical SEO pricing and packages. You can easily get them customized based on your needs and budget.

Want To Improve Your Technical SEO The Best Way?

The experienced professionals from Over2Digital can help you perfectly enhance all the aspects of technical SEO in your website without any hassle.

The Great Benefits of Our Technical SEO Services

Take a look at these great benefits of technical SEO and get inspired!

improved seo outcomes

Improved SEO Outcomes

Our comprehensive technical SEO services can help optimize your overall site experience. The more optimized is your site, the bigger the traffic you’d be able to drive – resulting in improved SEO outcomes.

enhanced user

Enhanced User Experience

Technical SEO involves optimizing the page speed, load time, navigation, and website structure. The better your site’s usability would be, the more enhanced the user experience you’d be able to offer.

increase conversions

Increased Conversions

Since the technical SEO services we offer can really enhance your site’s usability and drive more potential traffic, it could play a crucial role in maximizing your conversions.

mobile responsive

Efficient Mobile Experience

Keeping in view the latest trends, our technical SEO experts ensure your site structure is highly mobile responsive. This results in providing an efficient mobile experience to your visitors.

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Rank on Top of the SERPs with Over2Digital’s Technical SEO Services

Over2Digital is a top-notch technical SEO company providing robust digital marketing services to each client. Whether you’re a small-scale startup, a mid-scale company, or an established enterprise, we have technical SEO solutions for businesses of all sizes and kinds.

Partner with the great technical SEO specialists from Over2Digital and prepare to rank on top of the SERPs!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Technical SEO is basically a process of managing multiple technical aspects of a website, such as page speed, load time, crawling, indexing, structure, usability, content, migration, etc.

    If you find this confusing, consider technical SEO to be a means of communication between humans and search engines. It helps align your website in a manner that search engines could easily understand.

    The better search engines would know your website, the higher you’d be ranked against targeted keywords – eventually driving massive traffic to your website.

  • There are multiple strategies of technical SEO that help improve site performance. A few popular among them may include:

    • Page speed and load time optimization
    • Content structuring
    • Duplicate content removal
    • Broken links fixation
    • XML site mapping
    • Error 404 elimination
  • There are three main types of SEO. They include:

    • On-Page SEO – everything on the website, such as blogs, product copy, web copy, etc
    • Off-Page SEO – everything away from your website but meant to improve the site’s ranking and performance, such as link building
    • Technical SEO – everything that’s done to improve the functionality of your website from the backend, such as site indexing
  • The core difference between technical SEO and on-page SEO could easily be determined by the names themselves. On-page SEO is everything that’s related to the content and what’s on the web page.

    While technical SEO is whatever you do to optimize your website’s backend (functionality).

  • A technical SEO analysis could be defined as the process of auditing your current SEO standing. It can help determine your strengths and weaknesses, such as page speed, load time, broken links, navigational errors or faults in redirection, etc.

    The deeper you dive during this analysis, the better insights you could gain. And this can help you identify great opportunities for improvement and strengthen your website’s technical aspects the righteous way.

  • Technical SEO is said to be crucial for a business’ growth for several reasons. A few great benefits of technical SEO are:

    • Helps reach maximum audience
    • Helps streamline your website’s navigation
    • Improves search ranking
    • Enhances usability of your website
    • Helps identify the errors and lets you fix them quickly
    • Decreases the cost of search engine optimization