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Over2Digital is a top-tier SEM agency – helping hundreds of clients achieve their marketing goals using the best search engine marketing strategies.

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Search Engine Marketing Solutions That Take Your Brand Above The Fold

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a top-notch online marketing strategy that can help boost your online presence and drive maximum qualified leads – that too in a minimal budget and almost no time. Sounds interesting?

Over2Digital is one of the best search engine marketing companies with all the top SEM experts on board. They all come from a diverse background yet specializes the skill of building a great online presence.

By helping you grow and reach above the fold position on the SERPs, our experts let you outshine the competition and appear at the forefront of the potential audience – maximizing traffic and conversions like never before.

Search Engine Marketing Solutions

As a leading search engine marketing company, we ensure providing each of our clients with the finest SEM solutions – all tailor-made in compliance with your business needs and requirements.

We dive deep into your business insights, determine the gaps and opportunities, and come up with a terrific SEM campaign – made with the primary objective of skyrocketing your digital growth.

While SEO can help you dominate the organic results, SEM can maximize your visibility and lead generation with the help of creative paid ads placed in front of your targeted audience.

Though search engine optimization (SEO) is an incredible means of building your online presence, pairing it up with a paid strategy as SEM can literally do wonders. While SEO can help you dominate the organic results, SEM can maximize your visibility and lead generation with the help of creative paid ads placed in front of your targeted audience.

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What Are Search Engines And Why Is It Important To Appear On Top Of The SERPs?

With digitalization winning almost every industry, search engines have become the unavoidable utility for business organizations. Search engines could be referred to as customer service tools.

They can help users locate certain information on the internet, such as news, blogs, posts, services, products, etc. The customers of today are much likely to search for a product or service over search engines.

Since search engines like Google and Bing have the greatest dump of data and information from across the world, people often use them to gather information about things and make informed decisions.

Keeping that in view, search engines could also be called a strong marketing tool that businesses can best utilize to boost their online presence and reach potential audiences from their desired markets.

The foremost significant thing for a business to leverage search engines the best way is a website. Once you have a nicely designed website, you can definitely get it ranked on the desired search engines.

You might know a lot about search engines and their significance in terms of search engine optimization, but that’s not it – search engines also play a very critical role in search engine marketing.

Research suggests that an estimated 81% of the total consumers from across the globe tend to research a product or service for about seventy-nine days before making the final purchase.

Anyone using your relevant search terms is much likely to have a high-purchasing intent. Search engine marketing is a means of connecting your business with customers having high-performing intent in almost no time.

It lets you make the most of consumers’ online behavior and utilize data traction at its best – placing your ads exactly when your potential audience is looking for the products or services you offer.

A rightly crafted PPC search engine marketing strategy helps maximize your online visibility on the SERPs. It lets you appear in front of a potential audience during every stage of their purchasing cycle.

The SEM experts from our team bid on the high-performing keywords and integrate them perfectly to optimize your ads. It helps increase your ads’ quality score, drive more traffic and eventually convert maximum clients.

The best part is – you don’t have to pay hefty amounts against placing your ads. Instead, search engines only charge against the number of clicks made on your ad.

Also, the more relevant your ad is – the less search engines would charge you per click.Ready to bang on your targeted audience with spectacular SEM services?

The search engine marketing experts from our team can explain to you in detail the significance of SEM and how that could be the ultimate strategy for boosting your online presence and uplifting your brand.

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Google Reviews

100+ Reviews

Google Reviews

100+ Reviews

How Is PPC Search Engine Marketing Essential To Business Growth?

Whether you run a physical store, an eCommerce site, or an established enterprise, paid search marketing shall definitely be a part of your online marketing strategy.

The SEM specialists suggest that an average prospect interacts with your brand around seven-to-thirteen times before getting converted. Google search advertising is the most cost-effective way of boosting your online presence.

A successfully pulled SEM strategy can best boost your brand’s online visibility. And the best part is – it only showcases your brand in front of an intensely targeted audience segment.

Still have doubts about the benefits of search engine marketing for your business. Take a look at these incredible results SEM can drive for your business and get inspired!

PPC Search Engine Marketing
  • It can maximize your brand’s recognition – showcasing it in front of a very specified audience segment that can be readily converted into clients.
  • Since you can reach more potential leads using the right SEM tactics – you’ll eventually drive more conversions and sales.
  • SMM allows you to target a specific audience segment, leveraging multiple options such as geo-targeting, device targeting, ad scheduling, etc.
  • Unlike traditional marketing tactics, search engine marketing gives you the ultimate control. From advertising budget, brand messaging, and campaign scope to ad scheduling, CTAs, audience targeting, and everything else is entirely in your hands.
  • Internet search engine marketing also allows you to track and measure the outcomes easily. Your campaign results are always transparent, and you can make further optimizations to attain better results as well.

We Help Clients Reach Incredible Heights

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How Does Search Engine Marketing Work At Over2Digital?

Search engines rank your SEM ads using multiple algorithms that are mainly designed to determine the relevance of your content with the intent of your targeted audience. Thus, paid search engine marketing is all about drafting the best strategy, bidding high-volume keywords, and of course, keeping track of your campaign’s metrics and optimizing them further based on analytics for better outcomes.

We follow a streamlined process towards it to help our clients stand ahead of their competition with spectacular search engine marketing campaigns. The process includes the following comprehensive stages.

Market Research & Keyword Analysis

First things first, the SEM experts from our team conduct thorough market research. They look around your brand – the competitors and the audience – dive deep into their insights to look for gaps and opportunities.

Using the finest research tools such as Google Search Console – they put in great efforts to determine high-performing keywords that match your customers’ intent.

The SEM specialists at Over2Digital also employ the great negative keywords strategy to ensure the campaign remains highly cost-effective and not a penny of yours gets wasted.

Market Research Keyword Analysis
Landing Page Ads Development

Landing Page & Ads Development

Now that the experts in our search engine marketing team have identified the potential keywords and analyzed market trends – they put together the information to create stellar paid ads for your brand.

They further link your paid ads to the utmost relevant landing pages – leading towards desired outcomes. Each of them has an extensive background in SEM and knows how to best align with your objectives.

The primary goal of the SEM ads is to capture your prospects and drive them to the bottom of your sales funnel – the ads we create and the strategy we incorporate do the same for your brand with perfection.

Tracking Account Setup

Since search engine marketing is primarily dependent on analytics and effective optimization – we make sure to set up a proper tracking account with your SEM campaign.

It can help us track the progress of your campaign and optimize it based on the analytics for better outcomes after launch. The more your campaign is optimized, the better outcomes you can attain.

The SEM specialists in our team are top industry professionals with access to premium tracking software and tools. They can easily set up a tracking account for your campaign with their unmatchable expertise.

Tracking Account Setup
Campaign Launch

Campaign Launch

Now that we have a full-optimized paid ads campaign ready, a highly relevant landing page designed, and a terrific search engine marketing strategy at hand – we don’t delay the real task and immediately launch your campaign.

Over2Digital is a leading SEM agency that closely manages your SEM campaign. We have all the top industry professionals hired in the team who knows exactly how to best accomplish your goals.

From setting it up such as language preferences, geo-tagging, device optimization, and so on to the final execution – we make sure everything goes perfectly and that you’re capable of driving desired outcomes.

Monitoring & Analysis

As a leading search engine marketing company, we consider it our responsibility to help you reach desired outcomes and not just end our services by executing your SEM campaign.

Using the tracking accounts we set up earlier; our SEM experts begin monitoring and analyzing your campaign’s progress from the moment they’ve been launched.

From your click-through rate (CTR) and quality scores to the cost per conversion (CPC) and search impression shares – we analyze everything closely and make amendments wherever required to give these KPIs a boost.

Monitoring Analysis
Over2Digitals Search Engine Marketing Services

What Makes The Over2Digital’s Search Engine Marketing Services A Perfect Solution For SMBs?

Over2Digital is a leading SEM agency that provides the finest search engine marketing services in town. We have the best professionals hired in the team and all the latest SEM tools and technology at hand.

As leaders, we take pride in helping our clients grow from scratch and reach maximum online visibility in their target markets by creating the most spectacular search engine marketing campaigns.

Put your hands together with our search engine marketing consultants and kickstart the journey of outshining all your competitors with the most exquisite SEM campaigns and strategies.

Take a look at what makes Over2Digital’s SEM services the perfect solution for SMB’s and get inspired!

Why Choose Us?

Attention To Detail 1

Custom SEM Plans

Since every business comes from a unique idea, it sure needs a unique search engine marketing plan that’s been tailor-made to complement specified business needs and requirements.

We’re a leading SEM agency that truly understands the significance of custom SEM plans for a business to embrace success. Keeping that in view, we don’t have standard SEM plans sitting inside our drawer.

Instead, we always dive deep into our clients’ business and determine crucial insights to frame the most exciting SEM plans. It helps us creating the most customized SEM plans serving each client’s objectives perfectly.

Inclusive Communication

Inclusive Communication

From the initial planning and strategy development to the final launch of your SEM campaign and further optimization based on tracked analytics, we keep everything transparent in front of the employees.

In addition to that, we also share weekly/monthly reports with each client. You can always get in touch with your dedicated account manager in real-time and discuss whatever queries or doubts you’ve got in mind.

This way, you can always be aware of where your search engine marketing campaign is taking you and input your suggestions. The more inclusive you are are, the better your campaign could deliver desired outcomes.


Dedicated Account Managers

Over2Digital is one of the best SEM agencies with top industry professionals on board. Each of our team’s search engine marketing experts comes from a diverse background and masters the art of best leveraging SEM tactics.

As soon as a project gets onboarded, we assign it with a dediacted account manager. They are responsible to manage your entire search engine marketing campaign and could be reached 24/7 in real time.

The more you stay in touch with your dedicated account manager and keep updating them with your feedback, the better your campaign would perform in alignment with business goals and objectives.

Affordable Pricing 2

Transparent SEM Pricing

Coming from the same place as our customers, we understand how crucial it could be for a shopper to spend time learning about a product or service they require only to end up seeing no price tags alongside.

It’s one of the major reasons most customers back out in the middle of a purchase. So, we offer 100% transparent pricing to our clients. You can eitehr choose from our existing packages or custom-make your own

The best part is – our prices are super affordable yet the quality of services we offer is extraordinary. Our goals is to help you reach maximum potential audience and convert them into paying clients.

Time Efficient Strategies

Time-Efficient Strategies

As leaders in the market, we understand how difficult it is to manage time for a business. And when you add marketing to the other operations of your business as well – it surely becomes one hectic job.

But no more hassle because Over2Digital brings to you the finest search engine marketing services– explicitly designed to save your effort and time.we make sure you reach desired outcomes in almost no time.

We have the best industry professionals hired in the team. They have specialized skillsets and knows how to best deliver outcomes in alignment with your desired timelines.

Professional SEO

Diverse Market Expertise

We understand that different businesses and industries require a different set of expertise. And so, the team of search engine marketing experts at Over2Digital comes from diverse industry backgrounds.

They’re all professionally certified, well-versed in their respective industries, and know exactly how to pull together the utmost successful B2B and B2C search engine marketing campaigns for each different client.

We’re a top-tier search engine marketing agency and closely understands the significance of creating data-driven SEM campaigns. We make sure your campaigns deliver desired results.

Montly Reporting

Result-Driven Campaigns

Like any business, you must invest in search engine marketing services to drive growth. And so, it’s crucial that you only hire an SEM agency that has proven experience in crafting ROI-driven SEM campaigns that take businesses to incredible heights.

Affordable Packages Pricing

Continuous Tracking

As leaders in the market, we have access to premium tracking and analytics tools. They help us regularly monitor your search engine marketing campaigns and optimize them based on the performance metrics over time.

Capture Most Clients With Over2Digital’s Comprehensive SEM Services

Partner with the Over2Digital’s SEM specialists and reach above-the-fold with the comprehensive search engine marketing services we offer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Search engine marketing (SEM) is a powerful online marketing approach that may help you increase your online visibility and generate more qualified leads on a shoestring budget and in nearly no time.

    Search engines use multiple algorithms to rank your SEM advertising, with the primary goal of determining the suitability of your content to the intent of your target audience. As a result, paid search engine marketing is all about devising the best plan, bidding on high-volume keywords, and, of course, tracking and adjusting your campaign’s metrics based on analytics for better results.

  • The primary difference between SEO and SEM is that the former is organic while the latter is paid. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term internet marketing strategy that helps you rank on top of the SERPs using effective keyword strategies and optimization. Though the process takes some time to deliver results – the outcomes are definitely worth the wait.

    But of course, you cannot always wait for the results, and that’s where SEM intervenes. Search engine marketing is a paid online strategy that can help you fasten the process and appear above the fold. The higher you’ll rank with the help of a stellar SEM strategy, the more audience you’d be able to captivate and convert maximum sales.

  • Our team of SEM professionals has worked with hundreds of customers from all over the world, assisting them in becoming industry leaders through conversion-focused SEM tactics. Take a look at Over2Digital’s extensive search engine marketing services to obtain some ideas.

    • PPC Management
    • Ecommerce PPC Management
    • Amazon PPC Management
    • Enterprise PPC Management
    • Keyword Research & Strategy
    • Video Advertising
    • Social Media Paid Advertising
    • Landing Page Conversion
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Search Engine Optimization
  • As we claim to be a Google Ads partner, it means that we have Google Ads certified professionals hired in our team who know exactly how to pull a great Google search marketing campaign successfully and help your brand stand out amongst all your competitors. The experienced professionals in our team keep up with the updates and amendments that continue to happen in the Google algorithms and policies. It helps us stay updated on all the latest trends and male spectacular search engine marketing campaigns for each of our clients.

  • Your minimum paid media budget is basically the amount you would be spending on your overall paid marketing campaigns. Though the ad spend could completely depend on how much you’re willing to put in and doesn’t cost you a fixed amount, there’s surely a minimum budget you shall spend on a particular ad to make it work tremendously.

    That minimum ad budget isn’t specified but varies from one campaign to another based on the objectives, target audience and time duration, etc. As you hire Over2Digital’s search engine marketing services, our experts will let you know the minimum paid media budget required for your campaign and explain it the right way.

  • Though the cost of SEM services varies from one campaign to another, based on the needs and requirements of your business. An average SMB spends between $9,000 to $10,000 every month to pull successful search engine marketing campaigns. The cost is inclusive of their ad spend budgets at the same time.

    However, if you found this a lot – we’ve got custom SEM solutions for our clients that can be tailored according to your needs and budget without hassle.