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Over2Digital provides product description writing services for your Amazon or other online store that are guaranteed to bring in the customers. We write highly optimized, informative and appealing product descriptions to boost visibility for your business.

Our team of product description writers specializes in a variety of industries, well-versed in transforming technical knowledge into concise highlights of features and benefits. There is no better way to showcase your product than with our smart and keyword-rich descriptions.

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Efficient Product Description Writing Company

Production descriptions are an essential part of your online store. Google penalizes websites that use the same product descriptions as the manufacturer. To put it another way, if you have the same material on your site like the one on the manufacturer’s site, Google will not rank you highly.

You can try to re-write thousands of manufacturer descriptions into distinctive, perfectly worded product descriptions that Google will notice. But that would actually be a very difficult task for you to do justice while you are also busy managing your store. That’s where we come in.

Product Description

Over2Digital caters to such clients who are in need of a boost in traffic through content marketing. Steadily increasing search traffic will have an immediate positive impact on your website. In addition to that, the current surge in traffic is expected to endure for several months, if not several years.

Customers will talk about your store if you give them a thorough and satisfying shopping experience. That’s why each and every product matters. All of your items are a way to tell the story of your brand. It’s possible that customers will spread the word about your business via word-of-mouth and social media.

Therefore, you can conclude that our product descriptions services are vital for the success of your online store yet are not easily created. But if you get it done through our specialist team of production description writers, the rewards through sales and positive reviews are boundless.

Product Description Writing

The Leading Product Description Writing Company

Online product descriptions must pique the interest of shoppers so that they don’t go elsewhere after reading them. The phrasing should draw them in, keep them interested, and persuade them to make a purchase right away.

A well-written product description should provide enough information about the item to give the reader the impression that they are looking at it in a physical store. However, it must not be boring, and the product’s most important qualities must be prominently displayed.

Over2Digital follows guidelines for product description writing that centers the user. We describe how the reader will benefit from buying your goods and why they should. As a result, the content is structured in such a way that the customer does not even consider the competition.

In order to keep the buyer’s interest, the material we produce is comprehensive yet brief. For e.g., bullet points showcasing a product’s unique selling qualities are one of the excellent ways we catch the attention of shoppers who are only skimming through product descriptions.

It’s also important to ensure that your product descriptions are written in a style compatible with your brand. We at Over2Digital pay close attention to the industry in general and the unique position of your brand when creating informative and creative product descriptions.

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Google Reviews

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Google Reviews

100+ Reviews

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Why is Over2Digital the Best Product Description Writing Company?

Discover how we created the best product writing service for our clients. Over2Digital has the whole process set up for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Easy Submission of Requests

After deciding to use our premium writing service, all you have to do is submit an order on our website and let us take care of everything else.

For the product description, simply submit your product’s URL, along with any additional requests (such as a meta title or meta description), and we’ll do the rest. Upon receiving your content request, we’ll have one of our experienced writers start working on it right away.

Now we let the writer handle the creation of your content while you sit back and relax. You may start receiving your product descriptions within two to three days, depending on the amount of your purchase, thanks to our rapid turnaround service.

Easy Submission
Greater Visibility

We Give Your Store Greater Visibility

In order to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO), we write product descriptions that contain relevant keywords throughout the text. We also make sure that every description is 100 percent original.

For far too many products, manufacturers’ marketing materials are simply copied and pasted into online stores by sellers, who have no idea how damaging this is.

As an example, duplicating content is punished by Google. Google rewards you for being original by boosting your search engine rankings if you write unique product descriptions. As a result of this improved visibility, more people visit your online store.

The Most Appealing Pitch for Your Product

Your online marketplace needs to be able to convert visitors into buyers after you’ve attracted them. Your customers will feel compelled to make a purchase as soon as they see our material, and they won’t even need to look for alternatives.

Your readers will be able to swiftly discover the most important aspects of your items and understand why they require them if you provide them with clear, scannable descriptions.

Rather than being a sales pitch, your product descriptions pique interest and ultimately lead to purchases. You need to maintain the momentum you’ve built with your original product descriptions if you want to see even more purchases.

Appealing Pitch
Unique Branding

A Unique Voice for Your Brand

There is a big difference between making a customer out of a visitor and keeping them coming back for more purchases over and over again. To do this, a well-written product description must accurately reflect the personality of your brand.

Customers want to be enthused about your items and confident that your well-known brand is committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and customer care while also going above and beyond what the competition has to offer.

The most important part of the buyer’s persuasion journey is the customer’s interaction with your initial message. Most users land on your store if the terms for which they were searching pull up your store’s products. We achieve this through finetuning our content for the platform.

The optimization and usefulness of the content bring it up in search results and the unique voice of the brand makes it differentiable from its competitors. Thus our product descriptions form through this synergy driving traffic and sales for your store.

Amazon and E-commerce Product Description Writing Agency

Use our product descriptions for your eCommerce website or Amazon store to help customers find what they’re looking for. Our product description services produce richly optimized text so that search bots are bound to pick up your product against user search queries.

Working with us is much easier for you then going online and looking for independent product description writers. We take care of all the details and paperwork for you and we make sure that your brief is followed by our writers along with following with their own skill and experience.

Our authors routinely receive praise from clients for their high level of skill and expertise.
Instead of adding bandwidth over the course of weeks, this may be done in days. Fast, cost-effective turnarounds are always available from our pool of experienced writers.

Amazon Products Description

Why Choose Us?

Writer Creative

Experienced Writers

We are a team of providing you with the best product writing descriptions so that your e-commerce is always at the top of user search queries. Before we get to the writing part, we select the writer from our team with the most relevant industry experience according to your brand.

Our writers have experience writing product descriptions for a diverse range of clients. We pair your work with the best available resource so that no matter the industry, you are guaranteed the best results.

Industry Knowledge

Industry Knowledge

Our team has been writing product descriptions for the best part of decades. We have covered industries moving their commerce operations entirely online and helped them make that transition.

With our services, you can be assured that seasoned professionals passionate about writing will provide you with the best service.

Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We know that the success of your store depends on the timeliness of posting product images and product descriptions. That’s why we deliver your requirements quickly and within the high standards we uphold.

Our work is based on efficiency developed through years of experience. So you can rest assured that your online store in no time. People will find your products online in time for the best shopping seasons for you to make the most of your commercial opportunities.

Richly Optimized

Richly Optimized

Product descriptions aren’t just there to inform the customer what you are selling. The best product description writers have sharp SEO capabilities to write content that is most likely to appear when the user enters search queries.

Using keywords and phrases users most employ while keeping the descriptions informative and accurate. This is an art in which our writers are highly experienced. Most importantly, we create natural and intuitive calls to action for all our descriptions.

Tailored Budget

Flexible Budgeting

If you are running a catalog of products or are only showcasing a few significant items, we can provide you with highly optimized and exciting product descriptions. For the size of your store, our services are scaled up or down as required.

You can arrange for a bulk description package or just a few product description tasks entirely up to you, and we are happy to serve you in any capacity.


Revisions & Follow-ups

Over2Digital prides itself on delivering client satisfaction. We will provide revisions of any description that you think does not follow the brief you provided or doesn’t suit the tone you are going for in your store.

We take great care in giving a unique voice to the product description that appeals to customers and follow the SEO best practices required to give your store visibility. This promise of quality applies to all our services.

Over2Digital Product Description Writing

The Fine Art of Product Description Copywriting At Over2Digital

The best writing requires structure as well as creativity. This is the combination offered by Over2Digital to all our product description writing clients. We will deliver the best quality content for your online store, quality not found anywhere else.

As a content marketing company and as a creative outlet for our team, our services are performed with precision, perfection, and a whole lot of heart. You will be delighted by our product descriptions and the high standard of service we guarantee to all clients.

That’s the motto of our team of professionals. Great work, delivered on time and exceeding expectations. Once you start receiving our content marketing services, you will see the boost in activities your online store receives, unlocking its potential for growth.

E-commerce product description writing services

Now that you have a handle on how the right product descriptions can help your online store take off, get our services for the best possible price. We offer premium services for a variety of businesses.

Our writers can be briefed quickly and efficiently on your preferences thanks to our system. It is because of the variety of perspectives and experiences represented here, as well as our deep understanding of the subject matter, that we are able to produce such outstanding work.

With Over2Digital’s product description writing services it is easy to integrate your product descriptions into your website or online store, as they will be written in your overall brand’s tone and style. As soon as you receive your content, you can immediately post them.

Product Description Writing Service

The best part of Over2Digital’s product description copywriting process is that we work in multiple formats supported by online store management software and other ERPs. Onboarding our content takes no time at all so you will suffer no delays to your routine business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • A product description is a type of marketing copy that is used to define and explain your product's features.

    In other words, it populates your eCommerce site with all of the necessary information and facts about your goods. Such product details can be contained in a single sentence, a brief paragraph, or as bulleted lists. They can be serious, amusing, or eccentric.

  • A product description ought to be around 300 and 400 words in length, or as long as necessary to include the product's primary characteristics and a quick review of the consumer benefits.

  • Providing similar descriptions for all of the products in your web store, in general, can cause issues for search engines indexing your pages.

    As per SEO research site Moz, when search engines encounter product descriptions that appear to be near-duplicates, they are at a loss as to how to categorize them.

  • A product description written with SEO in mind summarises the basic characteristics and benefits of a product or service, as well as its intended application.

    Because search engines are now much more concerned with giving value than with ranking, keyword stuffing on product sites is no longer acceptable.

  • A product or service description is a type of marketing copy. It explains to customers why they should buy your goods or service and helps you differentiate yourself from the competition.