The Over2Digital Process

The Over2Digital Process is what makes us different from other digital marketing agencies. We believe in building customer-centric brands, and so, we have a real-time process that allows us to rightly understand your business insights, explore through your target market, and come up with an exciting campaign – capable enough to capture your audience and convert them into paying clients.



Research – Brainstorm Ideas & Explore Market Trends

We believe research is the most important yet neglected part of any digital marketing campaign. You cannot really target the potential audience unless you know exactly who they are, their pain points, and how your products/services could help. So, we spend a lot of time in research – conducting kickstart meetings with the clients to understand their product/service from inside and then exploring their target audience much thoroughly.

Strategize – Put Research into Document

Gathering all the information and putting that into action is sure a hasty move but not smart by any means. And so, we always strategize before getting started. Keeping in view all the business insights collected, we develop a stellar strategy with clear aims and objectives, methods to achieve them, and the final outcomes expected. We also articulate crushing KPIs so that the progress could be measured over time and improvements could be made whenever and wherever required.



Target – Make Sure You Get Found

No matter how stellar a strategy we come up with, it would be of no use unless it targets your potential audience. So, we utilize the conducted market research here the most and integrate our strategies with everything that matters to your audience. We engage with all the latest technology and data sources throughout to best understand your audience and create a strategy that can directly hit your targeted audience without hassle.

Create – Put Strategy into Action

Now that an amazing strategy is in place, we put that into action and create everything great. From website design and development to copywriting to SEO optimization and social or PPC promotions – we do everything with serene perfection to ensure you get desired results. We also create highly responsive websites that could be fairly adaptable to all the latest technologies.

Create – Put Strategy

Execute – Launch Your Product/Campaign

We have a highly-skilled operations team with the perfect knowledge of algorithms from the depth who excel at beating that with perfection too. So, we execute your digital campaigns with all the right protocols and keep overseeing the metrics to make improvements whenever and wherever required. We make daily optimizations to your campaign – ensuring each KPI is met and conversions are maximized.

Analyze – Thoroughly Track the Performance

The best part of digital marketing is that you can easily track the progress and we make the most of this exciting feature. Each of the digital marketing service we provide comes with continuous reporting and analysis on a weekly and monthly basis. We are open to sharing how the business is progressing in the digital world and where it stands exactly with our clients, and so we keep you in the loop, always! It helps our clients make informed decisions about their business.



Refine – Experiment for Further Growth

The Over2Digital process does not end with performance traction only. Instead, we believe in the continuous refinement of digital campaigns according to market trends and requirements. So, we keep measuring the metrics of your campaign – making improvements and updates wherever required. We continue to experiment with the latest technology and trends so that your business doesn’t miss out on growing bigger every day.